Technology Literacy Narrative Reflection

While I was writing this narrative, I found it especially helpful to attack each of the four thought questions for five minutes to figure out what I actually had to say about the topic at hand. From these questions, I discovered that a one-word summation of my experience with technology would be, “anxiety.” While I did my best to explain my anxieties regarding technology in a sensible manner, and in the process ended up cutting out a lot of candid information, I found it very helpful to write the uncensored version beforehand.

I also found it especially helpful to peer edit my paper with one of my classmates. We provided each other with useful feedback and figured out what was meant by an “academic casual” new-media-esque tone. With that being said, I felt like this piece was much less formal than other writing I have done in the past because I was describing my own experiences. In an attempt to make it relatable, I used more lax expressions and made the essay more personal by using the first person, something I have rarely done in writing. Regardless, this was a good first experience with new media writing, and I enjoyed reminiscing about my early days with technology while completing this assignment.

Technology Literacy

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