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While this image may seem simple, it actually explains my personality in great depth. The most obvious facet of this avatar is the SpongeBob cave man meme, with its strikingly bright yellow coloration and relative grandeur in size capturing the eye. I chose a meme for several reasons, not the least of which being that I love looking at and creating memes. My choice of a meme is representative of the fact that I like to have fun with things, a statement that may seem ironic given the formality of the written explanation of it. On a deeper level, the choice of the SpongeBob cave man meme is indicative of my intense personality – I approach tasks with energy and intensity, just as cave man SpongeBob approaches his everyday life.

Once the eye is able to move past the SpongeBob cave man in the foreground, Emory’s Callaway Center can be seen in the background. The SpongeBob cave man meme is typically used to express distress or an uptick in the “fight or flight” response. Why did I use this combination? Simply because I am such a science person. I study chemistry and biology – I much prefer the Atwood Chemistry Center to the Callaway Center because my favorite type of work goes on at Atwood and not at Callaway. Of course, it was difficult to find a building at Emory that I could say that I am “distressed” in, because Emory is my absolute favorite place and every building makes me feel right at home. However, for the purposes of this exercise, it would make sense given that I much prefer science to the humanities. In real life, though, I have no grievance against the Callaway Center.

Links to the images used in my avatar:

Emory University, Callaway Center

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